Monday, April 11, 2011


So I've totally been a slacker and didn't blog for three days because well.. IDK.. i even had something to blog on lol and I DIDN"T. I'm just lazy I guess lol So lets see what have we done??? We went to this actual BEACH with white sand!! there are not too many REAL beaches like that that we have found lol it was fun. we bought noodles and just bounced in the waves. I have a hard time getting pictures at those places cause I never want to take my phone or camera down where it is really sandy... We also went and say that movie Arthur! It was so good! I thought it was going to be one of those So stupid it's funny movies, But it was actually funny and made me and mom cry it was so cute! lol it's a must see. So any ways ready for another IF question?! If you had to name one thing that has changed about growing up since your child hood, what would it be? I thought this was a fun question! I posted it on face book and got alsort of answers: Cellphones, Motherhood, Global Warming, going out side to play, Internet, not using the phone book lol and my fav was some one posted... My figure!! I love it! Mine was how kids aren't as in dependant... I know for me when I was growing up we woke our selfs up for school, got our own breakfast, got our selfs ready for school and out to catch the bus. Now it just doesn't seem like its that way... We also played out side with friends and road our bikes places.. now parents take their kids everywhere and normally it's not to do out side stuff.. it's the arcade.. bowling ally, movies... Kinda crazy! I'm not that old so I'm curious to see where life will be when I have kids... Hmmm well until next time... Keep Livin' Out Loud!

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