Monday, April 11, 2011


So I've totally been a slacker and didn't blog for three days because well.. IDK.. i even had something to blog on lol and I DIDN"T. I'm just lazy I guess lol So lets see what have we done??? We went to this actual BEACH with white sand!! there are not too many REAL beaches like that that we have found lol it was fun. we bought noodles and just bounced in the waves. I have a hard time getting pictures at those places cause I never want to take my phone or camera down where it is really sandy... We also went and say that movie Arthur! It was so good! I thought it was going to be one of those So stupid it's funny movies, But it was actually funny and made me and mom cry it was so cute! lol it's a must see. So any ways ready for another IF question?! If you had to name one thing that has changed about growing up since your child hood, what would it be? I thought this was a fun question! I posted it on face book and got alsort of answers: Cellphones, Motherhood, Global Warming, going out side to play, Internet, not using the phone book lol and my fav was some one posted... My figure!! I love it! Mine was how kids aren't as in dependant... I know for me when I was growing up we woke our selfs up for school, got our own breakfast, got our selfs ready for school and out to catch the bus. Now it just doesn't seem like its that way... We also played out side with friends and road our bikes places.. now parents take their kids everywhere and normally it's not to do out side stuff.. it's the arcade.. bowling ally, movies... Kinda crazy! I'm not that old so I'm curious to see where life will be when I have kids... Hmmm well until next time... Keep Livin' Out Loud!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


So WOW what a great day!! So the weather here has been kinda crazy! While it has stayed in the high 70s it has been rainy and stormy But the good news is tomorrow is suppose to be the last day of this!! Below are some pictures from yesterday!

Here are some of the bigger waves because of the storm blowing in! I love how they turn this beautiful blue when they get big!

Here's a picture up towards the mountain as the storm moved in. We were on the beach... needless to say... we didn't stay long lol

The sun tried to peak through, but it just couldn't hold out against this storm!
But the beach was still beautiful even though it was starting to storm!
I decided I needed a pedi so I rubbed my feet around in the dirt alittle. Now all i needed was my toe nail polish and a cute guy with a steady hand! and I'd be all set =)

(from the movie "what A Girl Wants ) after the beach we came back up to the condo and just chilled and I was in bed NICE AND EARLY!! Mom had booked us a dolphin swim and we had to be down to the pick up spot by 8:15 so i knew bed early was a priority! Although I was kinda nervous about how the swim would go since the weather was so crappy...

when we woke up our fears about the day got a little stronger.. there was not ONE surfer out in out this morning!! Not ONE on either spot that we can see from the Lani!! Normally they get there at like 430 and there are about 5-10 by the time I wake up around8! there is a saying around here "i the locals aren't in the water, then you shouldn't be either!" When we got to the pick up spot the nice guy said it was still on.. so we jumped in the van and off we went!

I'm really sad I didn't catch a picture of the boat and it's crew... Maybe we'll just have to go again lol But I did pull a picture of it off their website!! lol So here's the boat. There were only 12 people on board so it was a nice size group. =)

So we headed out and on out way they made sure to show us some things that were kinda cool to see. The picture below is of one of the points on the big island and then in the distance you can see Maui! it's crazy how close the islands are.
Then here is a picture of one of the mountains on the big island. Behind it you will see a TINY strip that is another mountain that has snow on it!! Sorry I don't remember their names =( but everyone was so excited because there was snow on it!! I was thinking up.. I just came from Utah where there is a foot of snow... where are the dolphins lol
So how this works is the captain drives around the island looking for pods, or groups, of dolphins. when he spots them he speeds down the side of them and turns the boat right in front of where they are headed and says SWIM! lol so all of us in the boat jump out with our snorkel gear on and the dolphins swim right to us! It crazy! and the next thing you know they are all around you!!! im not even kidding you there were at least 200 dolphins in this pod! amazing!! So once they all swam past we would jump in the boat, cruse across the ocean to catch up with them and do it all over again!! it was awesome! but it is SUCH A WORKOUT lol those little buggers swim fast!! and you always want to get as close as possible lol so you swim swim swim and then they are gone. then they are on the other side so you swim swim swim and they are gone lol but it is so much fun ha ha So after we did this 2 or so times the captain said we were going to drive up north and go to this spot where they see manarays each day and it has some AWESOME snorkeling! so we drive up there and the two boys that were the crew members, two of the guys on the boat, and me jump in the water to see these manarays! so we are looking around, and the snorkeling was AWESOME it reminded me alot of this place called 2 step that we really like that is deep deep water with big reefs, some arches and reef canyons. so so cool. BUT there were NO MANARAYS!!!! I was so bummed cause I didn't go on the Manaray swim last time we were here! After snorkeling for a min I went back to the boat and they guy was like "what did you do to the manarays?! I've been here every day for 3 months and never not seen one?!" I was so bummed lol what are the odds!! But o well guess that means I need to do a manaray dive lol

Since we were so far north the captain said we had to do surfing cause you don't come this far north on a day like today with big waves and not surf.... SO here is a picture of one of the waves. It may not look big, but I promise they were!!

So the captain circled around crashing into some big waves cheering away, having a great time till we caught a good one! It was lots of fun! It totally brought me back to my child hood growing up in Idaho going out on the boat all summer with my dad! He would always do things like this... Hitting big waves that made the boat drop and crash against the water! My mom Bridget would screech. "Marky!!" and my dad would yell "YEEEHAAAA!!! That was a good one!" With a big childish grin on his face! I loved our days and weekends out on the boat!! and that moment surfing the waves definitely brought me back to those moments in my child hood!

Alright so after we caught the wave we drove back down to the bay where we had last swam with the dolphins. and there were still there. So we decided to jump in again! before we did I snapped this picture of my mom! She stayed on the boat and watched the dolphins from there cause she didn't feel up to chasing them around the ocean lol
My mom is pretty awesome!! she brought me out here for this amazing trip to Hawaii and we have been having a blast! I really do love her!! She has worked so hard over the last few years to build her Scentsy business to where it is today and definitely deserves some nice time to her self to relax, and she brought me along!! I am so blessed and thankful for her!! =)

So not only is she great for bring me to this amazing Island, she caught some awesome pictures of me swimming with the dolphins!! right when I jumped into the water back at the bay I saw some swimming right towards me! so I kicked my little flippers as fast as I could and got to swim right along with 4 dolphins for like 15-20ft! I was like I was the 5th dolphin lol it was amazing!!

So here is me literally like a ft away from this dolphin! Then here I am again with the same ones just swimming along!! It was amazing!! I could have reached right over and grabbed onto them!! of course i didn't cause its not like these were trained dolphins in a pool lol these were REAL WIDE SPINNER DOLPHINS!! love it!!

So after I lost those speedy buggers me and the others swam around waiting for the next pod. May more came and it was AWESOME!
After about 30min of chasing them around we got in the boat for some snacks and to head back, another huge pod came swimming up so i tried to catch some video of them =)

Pretty cool huh!! and to think we were swimming with all those dolphins and many many more!!!

So the boat came back to port and we headed back to the car so we could go grab lunch cause I was starving! We also had to swing by the animal shelter cause my mom misses her puppy mattie so much she thought it would help! =)

Once we had eaten and huge out at the condo for a bit to get some Scentsy work done, we headed down town to get our evening walk in and go to the farms market =) YUMMY!!

We got some Mangos, butter lettuce, tomatoes, red potatoes, cucumber, an avocado, and these mountain apples that taste like a mix between an apple and a pear!!! Yummy yummy!! what I love about it is that it's all locally grown and organic!! love it!

After we shopped we went for a walk down Ali'i drive to the King Kamehameha Hotel. This hotel is right on the ocean and had TONS of water damage after the Tsunami that hit due to the earth quake and tsunami that hit in Japan. It was crazy to see how much damage was done! they have already fixed many things and it is open to guests, but still it's crazy!

On our way back to the car on our walk we passed this HUGE tree! I mean there are lots of them but i decided to take a picture of this one!! I can only imagine how long it has been there!!

After our walk we came back to the condo and just chilled i answered more emails.. played on facebook and watched this AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL sun set!! Its so crazy how fast the sun goes down and the amazing photos that can be taken that are so different in a matter of minutes!! The storm clouds made it extra amazing!!

As soon as the sun set my mom walked out with dinner! I just love her!!! She takes such good care of me!! I thought it looked so good I snapped a picture lol! Not sure if it looks good to you or not lol! Everything was from the farmers market except the chicken =)

So after I finsihed eating, I go inside to my mom (who was watching American idol!) and said, 'thanks mom! it was so good! I just love that it's all healthy, fresh and organic!"

She says with a little smile on her face, "ya, so organic I found a Caterpillar in out lettuce!" I just looked at her like, are you kidding me!? you tell me this after i had just eaten all that!!

Of course once I thought about it I just giggled lol cause if you know my mom she is a freak about washing every part of any veggie or fruit! even those from home that are not organic lol but still for a moment it freaked me out that she found a bug in my dinner lmao!

But any who it was an amazing day here on the big island!! I look forward to the day when many of you get to join us for another trip or see pictures of the trips you get to take here!!

Sorry it was so long tonight! I told me mom that we weren't allowed to do some much in a day anymore cause it makes for some long posts ;)

but until next time, keep Livin' Out Loud! Hugs Kallie

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So yesterday we went to Borders and I found this fun book. If.... (500 questions for the game of life) It's definitely a book that makes you think.... some happy, some depressing, some things you don't want to think about and some funny things!

So...If you HAD to be addicted to one thing, what would if be?

Normally when we think about the word addicted or addiction it's looked upon in a bad way... SO what is the definition of addiction...? well I like the Wikipedia version =)

As I thought about this If question, the first thing that popped into my mind was exercise!

I figured well... I already have an addiction to food so why not choose to be addicted to something that will help take the calories off my butt and help me live longer! Addiction doesn't have to be a bad thing! You could be addicted to swimming and become a Olympic swimmer or even addicted to helping some one smile each day =) these are all good addictions that make life better =)

I thought it would be fun to share some of the answers I got on facebook... A few said exercise as well, chocolate, Diet coke, sun, reading, and Jesus! All great answers if you ask me =)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To Post Or Not To Post???

Well.. Sorry I didn't post yesterday... Wish I could say I had an excuse... I really didn't.. Other than the fact that I was kinda ornery lol Believe it or not I still have those types of days in Hawaii.

So something I never really mentioned about this trip was that it's kinda one of those feel better trips..Since my mom has been feeling so crappy we figured we would come to Hawaii where for one it's just easier to breath, and two it's easier to exercise... So our plan has been to walk 2 times a day, Morning and Night, and then snorkel at least once a day.

So we are not perfect on this schedule yet lol but we are working on it. lol so Monday morning we got up and went for a walk.. One this about Hawaii is you can step out your door and their is beauty! and it makes you want to keep walking so that you can find something more beautiful!! So we were walking along, and we saw THIS!!!

NOW THAT IS ONE BIG A SPIDER!! The creepy thing is they are everywhere!! So note to self, don't walk into bushes or under trees without checking to make sure it's GIANT web is in my way!!

So after our walk we came back to the condo to get some work done since it was Monday after all! Now... With this being your desk... why wouldn't you want to work?? I had no complaints!
After a few hours of work we decided to check out the Magic sands beach that was so busy over the weekend. I didn't take any pictures here but I will next time =) See the problem is if there are a lot of people I take the minimal amount of things down to the beach cause I'm afraid someone might snatch it while we are in the water.. But any who... there were still quite a few people down at Magic Sands, but we figured it wasn't going to get any less busy. So we grab our gear and SNORKELED!! It was a lot of fun!! the water was still a little choppy, but it made it more exciting. After a little while more got tired so we got out at headed back to the beach by our condo to chill. It has become our fav cause it's close to home and perfect!!! Other than that our day was pretty bland... Dinner at a sandwich place called Sun You Buns and then home... Today was a little more exciting. Well at least I thought so lol I woke up before mom and got quite a bit of work done. Which felt nice. As soon as mom to up we had to take care of some... legal work?? if that is what you would call it... We got a call Monday and conveniently my mom was called to jury duty on April 11th, and that was just not going to work for us being in Hawaii and all. Luckily they were good to work with and with just a few emails she was excused by the judge. It was funny cause one of our office managers called today (after it was taken care of) and said, "um Kallie... your mom has been called to jury duty on April 11th... and well she needs to take care of it cause it's $100 fine and well 3 days in Jail... Umm Not sure your mom could handle jail for five seconds... Um call me and let me know you got it taken care of. Thx" Tori is just too funny and sweet! she knows my mom more than most! She has worked in our BKNN and LipNotes office for as long as I can remember... so I'm thinking 12 years or so... And she definitely was right my mom couldn't handle a second in jail Lol so glad the judge was having a good day lol. After that was taken we took our Morning walk. Once again BEAUTIFUL! We walked down this drive way to a public shore access point and I saw this house and this View!! I decided that if my mom leaves me her Scentsy Business I will definitely help keep her dream alive and get me a house like this one!! I was absolutely in love with this house!! And then the picture below was the view that this house has! AMAZING!!! and definitely a must have in my book!! So after our amazing walk we came home had lunch and got ready to go to the beach!! CHEESE!!

I do have to say, with things being some what pricey on the Island we have tried to keep food costs reasonable. and so we have been eating top ramen stir fry almost daily lol! But I honestly think it is SO good! I mostly eat just chicken, so we have been taking our left overs from dinner or what not and adding them to a bag of stir fry veggies and a package of top ramen!! It's so so good! It you have never tried it, you definitely should! and it's so cheap like 5 bucks! Love it!

But anywho! So mom and I headed down to the beach to lay out and relax.

Here is my Momma looking at a Honu (turtle) just about 2 feet from her!!

I got up from my beach chair to take a picture, but all you can really see is his shell...

So i figured I'd take a pic for ya'll to see where we are staying. This is the condo building. All of them have an ocean front view.. they are privately owned and then rented out.. some people live in them year round, but not to many! I love this place! it is perfect for us =) and this picture is taken from our little spot on the beach =)

then... Here are the group of locals that hang out right next to our building. They are there just about all day!! this one old dude gets there around 4:30am and is the first surfer out on the water each morning. through out the day people come and people go, but it's the same locals each day. They also cook out there all day on this little charcoal grill. It all ways smells so good!! They are kinda different.. but always nice as we walk by to get to the little beach =)

SO after sitting there on the beach for a while and watching the Honu (turtle) I decided to see if I could get a better picture =) Can you see him??

May be now....?
Ok... Lets try a video =)

Well that was pretty cool!! RIGHT?!? So this is seriously what we watched for about 2 hours as we tanned.... or turned pink lol I love Hawaii cause the wild life is right at the tips of your fingers! YAY!!

So after laying out for a bit we decided we were hungry lol so we got dressed.. went for a ride around the mountain... and ended up at borders bookstore lol. They are closing so we wanted to see if they had any good books left. and they definitely did! I got six books and so did my mom. Two of them are dating books lol since we all know i;m single ha ha I'm considering a doing a completely blog on these cause they are kinda... journey books... not sure if i;m ready to be that open with the world about my dating life... but my mom thought it would be pretty interesting as do I... so we will see. Another one of the books is called "If.....2... 500 questions for the game of life" This one I think should make for some interesting posts and get me as well as others thinking!

So stay tune for more to come! And until next time... Keep Livin' Out Loud!

Hugs Kallie

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Time To Relax!

Well today was quite relaxing! if you read my previous post, you know how today started, pretty great, Minus the scare lol! My mom finally came back up to the room and we ate lunch... I blogged and got ready.... she took a nap... Finally around 2pm we got in the car and drove down to this beach that has some good snorkeling, but it was SUPER busy.... I figured it was because it's Sunday... So hopefully this week it;ll be less busy.. Not only that, but it was pretty choppy.. There is a storm rolling in.. so we'll see how this week goes..

After seeing how busy it was and how choppy we decided to come back by the condo and sit on the little beach by us. so we took the lawn chairs, sunblock, and tanning lotion out to chill by the water

It was so relaxing to she listen to the water and watch the waves and surfer... These is also a group of locals that come here often to BBQ and hang out. it's funny to listen to them!

After sitting on the beach for about an hour, mom was hungry. So we jumped in the car and drove down Ali'i drive to this little place called Lava Java... the restaurant sits right across the street from the water so it has a great view. One thing I love about this little place, is they use alot of locally grown products =)

They also had a great salad dressing =) So here is out view...

Now the cool this was as we were sitting there we noticed some splashing between the two boats... It was SPINNER DOLPHINS!! The whole time we ate out dinner we got to watch them jump around in the ocean!! AMAZING!! Dinner and a show for the price of one ;)

After dinner we went to Ross AGAIN =) and then target to look around.. and of course we got more Haupia! MmmmMmmmm! We brought that home and dished a cone right up to head back down to the beach to watch the sunset...Simply amazing and relaxing! love it! Now we sit at the condo.. Mom watching a movie and me catching up on emails... Well a few ;)

Till next time.. Keep Livin Out Loud! Hugs Kallie

A Little Jet Lagged...

Alright... SO, who can complain about waking up and seeing this each morning!?!?!?! Not me!! completely breath taking!! But when I did wake up this morning I rolled over and my mom's bed was EMPTY!!! and MADE!!! I was like...."Mom...." No answer... I got up and she wasn't in the condo... and the worst part.. THE KEYS WERE GONE!!! for those of you that know my mom... she's doesn't drive!! and the thought of her driving... well lets just say it's enough to give a person a heart attack... as I stepped out on the Lani and saw the surfers i looked down the shoreline... and there was Ms. Becca.....
On her phone of course.. But who cares!! Just thank goodness she didn't drive any where!! LMAO! any ways I missed posting on Friday apr. 2nd because I was so tired!! the Jet lag was killing me!! Hence the reason I didn't hear anything this morning as my mom got ready and didn't budge as she tried to wake me, but I am now up and ready to tell you about our first day in Hawaii!!

We got up around 5:30Am to do the Saturday call which I won't lie, I was alittle distracted by the view and the waves, but it went good. The only thing is, the condo building is all cement, so we have NO SERVICE any where but the lani. but Once again I can't complain too much cause as I sat on the call... here's my view...

Not tooo shabby... Right??? so we did the call.. answered a few emails, and then got ready to head to the beach =)

Here's me.. Already to go =)

On our way out I was snapping some pictures of the view....

When we looked down right by the shore, here's what we found!!! A Honu!! (turtle in Hawaiian)
Here he is again sticking hit shell out of the water! I look this place!!! You really can't go wrong! Oh and I didn't leave the condo to see this!! it was just right there from the lani!!! (balcony)
So after seeing the Honu, we jumped into the car and drove down to the store to get some sandwich stuff for lunch. It's really crazy cause things here are so expensive!!! Gas is $4.50 a gallon... Sandwich meat that is $3 at home...$5.99 here.. I don't know how they do it, but the manage! and I'm glad they do! cause I love visiting!!

So after the store we jumped on the road and headed to the beach. Our destination for today... 49 Black Sands Beach! It's one of our favs!! it's about 45min to get there, and the reason being... THE SPEED LIMITS HERE ARE SLOW!! No one is in a hurry so the fastest speed limit is like 55!!! And you can't speed cause the cops drive their personal cars.. So you never know if the car on the side is broken down, or a cop... No fun for me cause I have a lead foot.

So after checking in with the security guard we parked and got out stuff to snorkel. =)

Here's a pic of the plumeria's on the walk down! BEAUTIFUL!!

As you walk down the short trail, here is the view as you peek through the trees =)
And then... it opens up and you see the beautiful ocean!!! I love snorkeling in between those rocks! lots of fun stuff!! although i see the occasional eel, and those buggers freak me right the heck out!!!
Here's another pic of the beach and view!
I don't know what I was thinking, but I didn't get a picture of us in our gear! My mom's is HILARIOUS!!! So Ill get one today when we go!! For those of you that down know, my mom has an auto immune disease(AS) so this is part of the reason we are here... she loves the water and wanted to get some more life force in her.. she's been pretty weak and sick lately.. this is why on march 10th we decided we were leaving to Hawaii on April 1st. So we snorkeled for about 45 min and she was pretty tired and cold.. and I for got her ear plugs.. so we called it quits for the day. She ran up to the Showers to take off her RIDICULOUS snorkel outfit and I chilled on the beach for a little while....

After I felt like I was getting alittle toasty I walked up and found here chilling by the tennis courts. =) Photo op!!!
We sat there for a min and a cute little kitty came to say hi!! It looked alot like my Meow Meow who is home with my Little Sister! Made me kinda miss Meow Meow... But O well we're in HAWAII! one thing about Hawaii is there are wild cats all over. and they are not friendly..
On our way back home we stopped at a scenic stop that looked over the ocean. You can't see them in this pic, but there were wind surfers all over out there it's cool to see their colorful sails jet across the ocean.
On our way home we stopped at the farmers market and got some fresh fruits and veggies =) when we got home we cut up the mango and pineapple to enjoy on the Lani before we took a nap.
We slept till almost six here in Hawaii which was a bummer cause by that time it was 10pm at home and everyone was asleep. We really are going to have to work on our timing so that we can get some work done while we are here lol.

So we made a few quick calls to Terry and Kourt at home as we watched the sun set from the Lani... Once again... Simple Breath Taking....

Then... we went to grab some dinner and go to the store. We stopped at walmart first and got a few things.. one of which was a memory foam topper for my mom cause the best are not the best here lol We asked a few people that worked there where we could find some good quick take out. They suggested L&L BBQ.... so thats where we went.. and it was right next the the grocery store.

So we ordered chicken dish that came with rice and salad. That is another thing I love about Hawaii. Even the fast food places here serve rice!! and it's good rice that is cooked perfectly!!! yummy! So we got our food and sat outside to eat.. It was ok.. probably wont go there again just cause well... they only use Thigh meat... I don;t really like thigh meet lol... so that place is out for the next three weeks lol

After dinner we went and got our groceries.. once again.. I can't believe how EXPENSIVE stuff is.. I mean I understand why, but still it's mind boggling to me..

one thing we pick up there was my third favorite thing to eat while in Hawaii!!! Haupia!!

This stuff is AMAZING!! I think mom and I ate like half the container when we got home lol!! SO much for loosing weight while we're here lol At this point if I HAD to go home, i could and be happy lol I've enjoyed 99% of the things i love about Hawaii! Although, I will be here till April 25th =) so stay tuned for more from Hawaii!

Hugs Kallie